Come to the Gym with Me

I switch up my training all the time. I try new workouts that I’ve researched, i switch my training styles between quick circuit training to slow heavyweight reps, and i workout based on how i feel that day.

How i choose what i want to train in the gym each day . . .

I don’t have a specific day of the week that i always devote to just legs or just upper body. Instead I’ll typically see how much energy i have before I’m going to the gym and think about what i haven’t trained in a while. If i had loads of energy, I’d probably do a full body workout including two or three circuits and then finish with a walk+interval sprints on the treadmill.

When I’m bored with my typical training in the gym . . .

If i find myself unmotivated or have no idea what to train one day, I’ll probably either take that day off because i might just be physically burned out or I’ll do some research by watching my favorite fitness youtubers (Sarahsday, Whitneysimmons, KKfit). By watching someone else workout, i find new exercises that i want to try which gets me excited to go to the gym.

My most recent addition to my training was . . .

interval sprints on the treadmill. For a long time i was into biking on the stationary bike as a warmup or as plain cardio but after a while i just couldn’t sit on the bike for more than 10 minutes without getting bored. Sooo i found interval sprints. I’m not into long distance running so after starting with a fast pace walk for however long i want, I’ll step on the sides of the treadmill and turn the speed up to a full run. After that i jump on to run for 30 seconds to a minute and then jump to the sides to rest for 30 seconds. Every few rests I’ll turn the speed up a little. Once i feel burned out of energy I’ll jump on the sides to turn the speed back down to a fast walk and I’ll stay on for a few minutes as a cool down. You’ll be exhausted by the end if you really push yourself.

. . . I wanted to end this with a little chat. I’ve had people tell me that they’re nervous to go to the gym for reasons like they don’t think they’re at the same “fitness level” as other people there or they just wouldn’t know what to do when they got there. Regarding your “fitness level” it doesn’t matter if you can lift a 5lb dumbbell or a 45lb dumbbell and it doesn’t matter if you can run for two minutes or 20 minutes. You’re working on yourself and putting in the work which is all that matters. I’d say focus on your form rather than your reps or weights. If you want to be stronger and move on from the 5lb dumbbells, you’ll get there but have patience with yourself on your way there. Everyone starts somewhere. And if it makes you nervous to go to the gym on your own, then find a friend to go with you or do a fun at home workout. At home workouts can be just as beneficial as going out to a gym because you can easily find open space in your bedroom or living room and a couple objects to use as weights.

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