Your Health+Fitness Questions Answered

Happy Valentine’s Day!

After posting on my Instagram story to have you guys ask me your questions on health and fitness, here are the results! Thank you to those of you who asked and i hope i can answer you thoroughly . . .

How do you stay motivated?

My biggest motivation to consistently go to the gym is seeing results. Whether it’s seeing physical muscle definition or seeing progress with my weights/reps/distances, those results push me to want to keep going so i can keep seeing results. Also once you start working out or going to the gym as a regular part of your day, it’ll become habit to just go and enjoy it.

Another motivation is watching fitness/health Youtubers. I love watching other poeple’s workouts and learning more about nutrition so i think if you really have a passion for health+fitness, learning new things will always get you motivated. You’ll be inspired to try new workouts that you see people doing or try a new recipe that someone made.

Healthy dorm room snacks

Apples, oranges, bananas (any fruit), popped chips, larabars, Rxbars, lunabars, carrots+hummus, lightly salted popcorn, oatmeal, homemade protein bites/homemade banana muffins (recipes on my insta).

Favorite gym brands

I always workout in leggings and a long sleeve. Sometimes with a hoodie overtop in the beginning while I’m warming up. My favorite leggings to workout in are the lululemon aligns and my tops are either Nike fitted long sleeves or any old long sleeve i have. My sneakers are my old Nike’s from literally 8th grade. I would love to try gymshark apparel but I’ve heard such mixed opinions on them so if you have opinions on gymshark let me know!

Healthy eating

My main suggestion when it comes to healthy eating is to do it for the reasons of taking care of your body and getting the proper nutrients to feel your best. When you eat clean and get your necessary protein/fiber/vitamins, you will have so much energy and just feel better physically but also mentally. Of course do it with balance though — it’s always okay to have cookies or cake or pizza every once in a while but do it in balance with the cleaner foods you’re putting into your body regularly. I just feel my best when i eat clean and get my necessary nutrients so i always have that in mind when making meals or picking snacks.

Workout ideas

I don’t want to get into listing my written out workouts that I’ve made because every day is different. But i will suggest some different types of workout styles to look up or try out if you’re bored with your routine and don’t know where to start. Circuit training, weight training, calisthenics are just a few i like and that i suggest typing into YouTube. You’ll find such cool fitness Youtubers with workout videos and nutrition videos that’ll teach you great new ideas to get you excited to go to the gym.

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