Fitness at School

I started working out in the spring of my freshman year of high school. After softball practice, i would do homework, have dinner, and then go to the gym for about 45 minutes. I live on a school campus so it was pretty convenient having the weight room right down the hill. I formed a great workout routine for myself that made me feel stronger and break a sweat.

When i started a new school sophomore year, i continued to play volleyball and softball with practices four days a week and games two days a week. When i finally graduated and was no longer required to play a sport after school i was excited to take a break from competition and be able to workout on my own time as well as how i wanted.

My freshman year of college, i was nervous to jump right into going to the gym so i continued doing home workouts in my dorm room just as i did at home and did my stretches every morning on my yoga mat. I only started to love going to the gym in November of my freshman year. I would wake up at 7:00, get dressed, and was at the gym by 7:10 usually 6-7 days a week.

My workouts changed a couple times throughout the rest of the year. November and December i started my workouts walking/running on the treadmill for a warm up, moving onto light weights/body weight exercises, and then finishing with stretching. Coming back from our January break i jumped right back into my routine at the gym but the set up of my workouts changed a little bit. In the mornings i found that i wasn’t having super great workouts so i began to just start my mornings by bundling up to take a very quick run outside and then going to the gym to stretch. Then I’d go back to the gym in the afternoon either after classes or before dinner to get my real workout in for the day.

January, February, March: my workouts later in the day started with a long bike ride on a stationary bike that varied between 15 minutes to 40 minutes on a low level. January i focused on splitting my workouts up by doing upper body one day and lower body the next day. I noticed i wasn’t getting the results i wanted with this strategy so i switched to circuit training around February. I’d write out my exercises for each circuit the night before so i could bring it with me to the gym. After finishing my 2-3 circuits with 4-5 exercises per circuit, I’d finish with a few minutes of sprints on the treadmill to burn out my last bit of energy and then take my time to stretch. With circuit training i was seeing and feeling results which gave me motivation to keep training this way. At the end of the day i felt good about myself for breaking a sweat and pushing myself in the gym.

I have to admit, after spring break i was really lacking energy and was only going to the gym 1-3 times a week. I would either do circuit training at the gym or go for a long bike ride on the stationary bike and no matter what, finish with stretching.

This year, who knows what my fitness routine will look like. I’m hoping to start the year stretching and doing body weight exercises in my room while also trying to get back into the gym a few days a week to bike and use the weights. I absolutely loved the gym freshman year and used it to get myself out of my room and around other people. I really threw myself into fitness and focused on pushing myself to see results like muscle gain, distances on the bike, and overall strength/endurance. Anytime i was having a rough day, my roommate could easily tell and she’d always remind me how i feel so much better after i get a good workout in at the gym. So that’s right where i went. Finding myself with so much free time at school, i liked spending a portion of my day at the gym.

When it comes to finding a way to workout that works for you, i suggest doing your research by watching YouTube videos, and just trying things out. If you like working out on your own in your room, you can easily get a tough workout in using just your body weight or even some fun resistance bands. If you’re comfortable going to the gym and you love heavy weights, go for it. Some days all i want to do is sit and stretch or do a quick yoga flow and that’s enough for me. Listen to how your body feels. If you have loads of energy one day, do something to let that energy out but if you’re sluggish and tired, take a day off or do a chill workout.

YouTubers i suggest checking out for health and fitness:

SarahsDay – she recently had a baby so she’s on a project comeback but if you scroll back to her past videos you will 100% feel inspired to hit the gym and break a sweat. I’ve watched her videos for a few years now and she was the one who inspired me to try circuit training. BEST decision.

Stephanie Buttermore She has all kinds of videos on eating, workouts, and the science behind certain diets and workouts.

Kathryn and Kendra Kane – they only have a few YouTube videos on their page but if you look them up on instagram, they post their workouts everyday as well as what they eat for all their meals. These girls are beasts and will totally inspire you to lift some weights.

Natacha Oceane – She has GREAT videos to get workout inspiration and healthy eating ideas. I watched her videos a lot in the winter when i was trying to find a new way to train.

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